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Let Sarah Jordan
take your jewellery story
to the next level

Sarah Jordan Bespoke

Considered to be one of the finest bespoke jewellery designers in Wales.

Sarah has designed and created work 

for some of the UK's most prestigious jewellery companies including

Clogau, Hockley Mint and The Royal Mint.

Sarah brings her passion for jewellery to every project.

Sarah's expertise is priceless

whether you would like to remodel an existing piece

or have something new and unique made for you or someone special.

All of Sarah's jewellery is designed, hand crafted and finished

 in Wales using traditional techniques.

Sarah has an extraordinary ability to create just the right design.

The realisation of the design has no limits just imagination

to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

First we have an initial meeting where we discus ideas in depth.

Next Sarah will draw up your design or carve a model in wax

so that you can really get a feel for the piece in all it's dimensions

Finally the finished piece will be delivered to you

for a lifetimes enjoyment!

Contact us now,

 discover how we can take your jewellery story to the next level.

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"We are incredibly excited to collaborate with a talented designer like Sarah Jordan, who has really brought our vision to life with this bespoke collection of jewellery,"

Helen Cooper

Director of Gifting at

The Royal Mint

" Thank you Sarah

for my fantastic

poodle pendant.

I will always be grateful that you made

my dream come true.

The journey

of its creation

and all the

special thoughts

in its design was amazing.

I find true joy

every time I wear it."


We have been huge fans of Sarah and her jewellery since we first found her, 28 years ago, and she made our beautiful wedding rings! This year Sarah made a beautiful contemporary signet ring for our daughter’s 21st birthday - 

her second Sarah Jordan piece -

and the passion for Sarah’s work continues down the family line! 

Sarah's designs are

beautiful and unique and

always attract admiring comments.

Liam & Heather

"Neat, sweet

and a real treat!"


"I LOVE her work!"


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