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About Sarah Jordan

Award Winning Jewellery Designer.

Sarah Jordan Jewellery Designer

Sarah Jordan is one of a rare breed of designers who have not only mastered their craft but have the ability to express emotion through the forms that she creates. The subtle forces that flow through nature guide the inspiration in every piece of jewellery.  Whether it is a one off bespoke commission or a story at the heart of an original collection Sarah brings an amazing attention to detail and a lifetime of craftsmanship. Sarah's passion for creating the finest,

most comfortable, most wearable jewellery is here to be discovered.

Sarah Jordan Jewellery Bespoke Design Service

Sarah Jordan Bespoke

Sarah Jordan Bespoke Jewellery Design

Sarah offers a very special bespoke jewellery service. If you are interested in an original commission for a gift or special occasion or if you have existing pieces which you cherish but would love to remodel Sarah can help.

Sarah has an extraordinary ability

to create just the right design. 

Take your jewellery story to the next level.

Sarah Jordan Jewellery, Designed and Made in the UK

Designed and Handcrafted

with care

in the United Kingdom

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