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Kate's Poodles

I asked Sarah if she would create a poodle pendant for me & she said she’d be delighted.

The thought she puts into the design is amazing. She took my poodles & my personality into account. She created four designs one just the face & with beautiful extra long ears which depicted Cherie my beautiful poodle, then she shaped the design so  it looked up into my eyes just as Cherie does. Sarah’s creativity doesn’t end there she positions the pendant on the chain to look up into my eyes it’s incredible.

Another design was a profile of a poodle so it incorporated all my poodles again fantastic & positioned so well on the chain.

Thank you Sarah for my beautiful pendants each significant in its own right

The immense details you put into your designs which incorporated both mine & my poodles personality is marvellous.

I will always be grateful that you made my dream come true, but never in my dreams

did I expect the feeling I had on the journey of their creation & how much I appreciate all the special thoughts in the design. I am truly grateful each time I wear them.


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